The Resilient Life

There are seasons in life that come upon you unexpectedly. It is fair to say that when 2013 began, I did not imagine I would be here. I made goals, I imagined future successes and genuinely thought this was going to be a great year. Two months later, I am acknowledging that some of the goals and success points have been reached (yay!) but greatness and success may come on different terms than I originally expected.


As I re-imagine what will define 2013, there is a series of sermons that are providing me with great encouragement. Before I go further, and because my annoyance with unnecessary obscurity trumps other sensibilities, I will say that this "season" involves a close family member who is dealing with some long-term medical issues that are affecting their physical capabilities in new ways. As you do in such situations, we have rallied together as a family, providing care as it is needed and learning to live one day at a time. We strive together to be thankful for every bit of progress and good news that can be mustered up. No one can say exactly how long this season will last... or if this is really the new normal... so I am attempting to live well in the in-between.

More than processing the current state of affairs, I wanted to tell you about The Resilient Life. This series from Ada Bible Church digs into 2 Corinthians exploring how we, in God's grace, can come back from the inevitable disappointments and pain of life with a renewed spirit. Each sermon contains moments that feel like they were written especially for me. It has been incredibly encouraging to be reminded that while the pain of this season is genuine, God's grace is real and active... and it's power far exceeds my brokenness.

The quotes included in this post are from the teaching on Suffering Graciously. These words remind me of the life the Lord calls me to and encourage me to reach beyond wallowing and bring grace to those around me.