Sunday Snaps - March 23, 2014

Sharing a few of my favorite gems from the week that was, beginning with a favorite from The Tonight Show. 

At some point in my high school days, my parents thought my pop culture knowledge should be widened to include some classic 80s films. This means that sometime around my sophomore year, my sleepovers began to include not just eating homemade pizza on a mattress in the living room, but also such gems as Urban CowboyGirls Just Want to Have FunPretty in PinkSome Kind of Wonderful and of course Footloose. I'm sure my old friends are so thankful I introduced them to Ducky and Andy and Sarah Jessica Parker before she became Carrie Bradshaw. To this day Footloose remains a favorite, as do 80s movies (as much a genre in my mind as horror or romantic comedies) in general, so when I saw that Jimmy Fallon had outlawed dancing I was enraged (ha)... and then delighted to find that Kevin Bacon had once again saved dancing for us all.

One of my new favorite shows, well actually my only "new" favorite show, is About a Boy on NBC. After Friday Night Lights and Parenthood, I'd watch just about anything Jason Katims attaches his name to... so while About a Boy isn't yet up to the classic standard of those shows, it makes me laugh and I see potential in it. While Marcus, played by Nicholas Hoult, is just delightful (as you'll see in the clip below), David Walton is also incredibly enjoyable (per usual) in the role of Will Freeman. It's a quick show and when you need to laugh and get lost in someone's else story for 20 minutes, it won't disappoint.

PINNED IT, MADE IT, LOVED IT. Over a year ago, I pinned this recipe for Chili Dusted Pork Chops from Whipped and I finally made them this week - twice. The instructions are simple, the flavor is phenomenal (one of my fellow diners may even have licked their plate), the recipe comes together so quick and then boom - you have a delicious dinner on your plate in honestly less than 30 minutes. Can't recommend them more highly.

READ IT. This is going back a tiny bit, but I thought this post from Allison Vesterfelt was super encouraging. Her words have resurfaced in my mind whenever I've thought about asking a friend for advice, especially when I know we've been through the same questions time and again. If you've ever gotten stuck making a decision, or wondered if there is such a thing as too much encouragement, check it out.

I'm starting a little light with these Sunday snaps, but know that I'll be storing my gems from pop culture, the blogosphere, social media and more all week long to share with you again next Sunday... because that's what good friends do.