Sunday Snaps - March 30, 2014

Sharing a few of my favorite gems from the week that was, beginning with a chuckle from Nick Offerman. 

You can find the man better known as Ron Swanson reading other such tweets right here.

READ IT. I enjoyed this encouraging post from Jen Hatmaker. It seems this "use your gifts" message is one women need to hear right now, as there are many similar thoughts being published these days. But Jen does it with her trademark wit and unique energy, so this reminder is not to be missed.

I also enjoyed a number of articles about the big twist on last week's episode of The Good Wife. I won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it, but I will say that the writers have proved once again that this is not your typical television show. It was great to be surprised and to enjoy the punch in the gut with others on social media.

TIP OF THE WEEK. Selfie tips from the world's most retweeted photo. (old news but still fun)

IDEAS TO GET BEHIND. Granola for Bri. When our friends are faced with something as big as cancer what do we do? Anna Watson Carl decided to use what she has, amazing skills in the kitchen, to help her friend pay her medical bills. Donate $20 and you can help Bri battle cancer, and receive some assumedly delicious granola in return. 

The folks at She Reads Truth are building an app. I was amazed that this kickstarter reached the original goal in less than 24 hours! Awesome to see how many ladies feel called to see this Bible + Devotional app get built. They're continuing to raise funds so they can build an Android app too.