Sunday Snaps - April 13, 2014

An attempt to capture a beautiful sunset and remember a fun night with friends. | 04.10.14

An attempt to capture a beautiful sunset and remember a fun night with friends. | 04.10.14

The snaps are way light this week, my friends. I have very few gems stored away so I thought I'd share a few notes from my days and some of the blogs I've been enjoying lately.

Last week the Festival of Faith and Writing rolled into town. While I wasn't able to attend the Festival this year, I was privileged to hear from Rachel Held Evans and Anne Lamott. It is events like these that make me glad to live in Grand Rapids, a place where arts of all sorts are celebrated and appreciated. The words of these women continue to weave their way through my mind. I sit here challenged and encouraged to dig deeper and consider my responsibility as a human being among other humans being. 

There as a lighter feeling to the week as the weather improved and signs of spring began to pop up in abundance. There was stoop sitting and drink sipping and time to chat about relationships, work and house projects with many a friend. #blessed just about sums it up.

On to the snaps...

STELLAR SERIES. Hollywood Housewife just devoted a week's worth of posts to the topic of blogging. She broke myths, shared "secrets" and explained why blogging is her favorite. If you've ever wondered how bloggers make money or if blogging is really as easy as it looks, check out this series of posts.

PINNED IT. MAKING IT. PROBABLY WILL LOVE IT. As soon as I hit publish, I'm jetting to the kitchen to make this Sweet Sausage Bolognese. I love just about everything from Dinner a Love Story, and orecchiette is my favorite pasta these days so I don't see how this could go wrong.

THREE BLOGS I READ REGULARLY. To make up for the lack of links this week, I thought I'd share a few of the blogs I enjoy right now. All happen to be moms of young children, but they're writing goes beyond their role as mothers. Each one digs into topics like creativity, running a small business, photography and life in their particular corner of the U.S. Happy reading!

  1. Elise Joy
  2. Erstwhile dear
  3. Annapolis & Company