Sunday Snaps - May 4, 2014

This week more than ever before I am running the danger of running a blog that simply chronicles the comings and goings of The Tonight Show... a day late and a dollar short no less. But this week included top notch entertainment that spawned viral content I'm sure you've already seen. You watched the Lip Sync Battle with Emma Stone right? And then you saw Andrew Garfield display his newfound guitar skills with the Spiderman theme? And of course, you're such a fan, you caught up with Friday's performance from the Ragtime Gals as well? 

What you might not have seen is Kevin Spacey's subsequent interview, where he revealed he's a master of impressions. It is laugh out loud funny, especially if you're recovering from a House of Cards addiction and still fairly scared of Kevin Spacey. The first half of his interview is embedded below, the second half you can watch here. I think it's worth watching in full; there's some insight into House of Cards and some ribbing on Jimmy. Enjoy!

In non-Tonight Show Snaps... 
I've been exploring themes of rest and contentedness this year and the Internet never ceases to remind me that I'm not exploring these themes alone (or something like that).

An Invitation to Slow Work from Micha Boyett - made me consider that there may be areas of life in which I'm embracing rest while ignoring that there are still other places in life where I need to relinquish control. The need to impress is a strong and sneaky desire, and when it takes over my ability to make clear decisions is clouded by my pride no doubt. I repeat her questions here and would love to hear from you in the comments: "What about you? Where are you working frantically? What might it mean to embrace slowness in your daily work?"

I Refuse to Be Busy from KJ Dell'antonia - has parents as its audience but the points she makes apply universally. We choose what makes us busy. Whether we are helping our teenager choose whether to play lacrosse or deciding to say yes to one more volunteer opportunity, we choose. How does busy make you feel? I'll be honest that busy for me can feel like an accomplishment, but it's a hamster wheel and the second I'm off it I'm good for nothing... and the essentials of life - taking care of oneself, being a good friend, keeping my house from falling apart... they all suffer. I'd like to think that as I grow older I pursue whole-hearted living more than kudos but some weeks are still pretty rough. Nonetheless I am grateful for God's mercies, they are new every morning (Lamentations 3:23).

This Is Sometimes + Writing About a Good Life - these two posts from Tsh Oxendreider hit across this same theme of intentionally living a slower life (versus pursuing busyness). She reminds us first that rest and self-care are not to be neglected and secondly that to write about a good life, you have to be living it. Choosing not to be busy helps you get to a place where these truths can be lived out. 

This One Thing Might be Keeping You From Enjoying Your Life from Allison Vesterfelt - is the type of post that makes you feel like some things are truly universal to this stage of twenty/thirty-something lifestyle. Just this week I attempted to recall the past year of my life and what stood out was so awful it made want to write the entire 30th year of my life off with one broad stroke. But in truth, years, days, weeks can never be boiled down so easily. There is good and bad and messiness and laughter and it all resides together... and I don't want to miss how blessed I am to be right here, right now just because it seems like things will be better when all of this has passed. I continue to strive toward contented living and I believe that part of that comes with embracing the ground beneath my feet, not wishing it away for future glories. Here's to truly enjoying life!