Reality Check

It's Monday, and that means it's time to check out how I did on my high hopes for the weekend. You can put a check next to:

  • Closet Cleaning/Laundry - clean clothes are in their places and donated ones have filled up two garbage bags. All I have to do is donate them!
  • Home Maintenance - most of my home is cleaner today than it was on Friday, so let's call that success.
  • Farmer's Market - stocked up on late spring specialties and secured a couple kale plants.

While I did not make it to beach, I did find time to nap and watch a couple movies. Both The Secret Life of Walter Mitty & About Time are rentals I'd recommend. Walter Mitty is visually stunning and both movies leave you wanting to make the most of your days. Inspiring!

In addition to these relaxing activities, I took a little time to blow up my website. For the time being, Jackie Rice Designs is a journal of my days and not much more. I don't have a plan for the future so much as a lot of scattered thoughts that need to be brought together. From a marketing standpoint there are wiser ways one could make such a move, but it was just time for a change... patience, be damned.

The new picture at the top of the site is a favorite from my trip to Charleston this past March. I still find it hard to believe that while people in Michigan are shoveling snow, there are folks serving in Folly Beach. From one end of America to the other, crazy!