Listening: Podcasts I'm Enjoying Lately

Over the last month two podcasts have popped into my routine, both centered around the topic of decision making. One is brand new and the other is a bit of a re-launch of an existing show. Whether you're an avid podcast listener or not, I highly recommend both. In fact, if you've chatted with me in the last few weeks, you've probably heard me mention them. Here's why - decisions are hard but they're also unavoidable. What better way to confront this reality then with greater intention and perspective.

The Next Right Thing is a new podcast from author Emily P. Freeman. In the first episode, Freeman lays out the format noting, "Each episode will offer a short reflection, a simple action, and a benediction to help you create a little more space for your soul to breathe so you can discern your next right thing." In her charming and soothing voice she has remained true to this offering in each episode. Freeman gives you something to chew on as you consider how you can slow down and be more intentional with your choices. The Next Right Thing is a needed breath of fresh air, especially moving into fall - a season that, though lovely, is often marked by the hustle and stress of a new year beginning. This podcast is unique, at least in my roster of listens, in that it isn't an interview style show. One of the benefits of this format, seemingly, is that Freeman offers transcripts of each show on her site. If you prefer to read over listen, you can still enjoy the insights offered in each episode, or come back to something that you missed while listening. 

The Simple Show is produced by Tsh Oxenreider, author and editor of The Art of Simple. Tsh has a rotating cast of co-hosts and together they recently launched a new season of this long-running show, moving from the general concept of simplicity to get specific with the theme - "No & Yes." Each episode involves Tsh & a co-host dialoguing about what they say no to and what they say yes to when it comes to a specific area of life. So far they've covered what they eat, what they watch, educating kids and friendship. A lot of the basis for this season's theme comes from the ideas in Essentialism by Greg McKeown. If you have read and enjoyed this book, you will definitely enjoy this show. It's a great deep dive into the whys behind the decisions we all make, whether conscious or not. Those decisions that shape our days and ultimately our lives. It's free of judgement and as you listen, you'll find it's sort of like overhearing two people chat in a coffee shop. The only sad part is that you can't turn around and join in.

It seems like new podcasts are shooting up all the time. I'd love to hear what's caught your attention and how you make the time to listen. These two shows tend to get heard while I'm driving to and from work, or making dinner. I'm thankful they come out on different days so I have something to look forward to throughout the week. What are you listening to these days? Do tell!